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Sweet-Seed -- Micro Batch Bird Feed

Seed: This is where it all started; created with the belief that wild bird feed could be better. Each of our ultra-premium blends has been concocted from ingredients that we know wild birds crave, and can only be found in Sweet-Seed™ products.

Nectar: Our all natural Sweet-Nectar™ concentrates and ready-to-use formulas are dye-free and infused with our proprietary blend of hand steam-distilled floral and fruit extracts, carefully created from the flowers and fruits most visited by your hummingbirds, orioles or butterflies. Our blends also provide calcium to promote healthy egg growth, and much needed electrolytes to prevent dehydration.

Suet: Just like our seeds, feeds, treats and nectars, our line of Sweet-Suet™ includes only the ingredients your birds crave most, while leaving out the fillers and additives found in many lower quality suet cakes today.

Treats: Sweet-Seed™ Sweet-Treats™ are power-packed seed “enhancers.” Each blend is jam-packed with the ingredients that your wild birds crave. Simply add to any bag of seed, or serve alone, and watch your fruit-, nut- and critter-loving birds flock to your feeders.

Ultra-Premium Wild Bird Seed Blends, Seed Cakes, Suet Cakes and All-Natural Sweet-Nectar™ for Hummingbirds, Orioles and Butterflies!  
We have created our entire line of Sweet-Seed™ micro batch wild bird feeding products by first asking ourselves this one important question. Whether selecting dried mulberries for our seed blends, hand distilled floral extracts for our nectars, California almonds for our treats, or whole crickets for our suet; we start with this question in mind. The result is what we proudly believe to be the first ultra-premium line of wild bird feeding products in today’s market.

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