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Hiawatha Evergreens

World's largest supplier of fresh cut western greens.
Hiawatha is home to the largest refrigeration storage in the industry so we can handle orders of any size. Hiawatha uses a four step quality assurance process to guarantee you will receive only the highest quality products:
1. Quality Control Processing
2. Line Supervisor Quality Checks
3. Plant Managers Oversee Inspection
4. Loader Training

For the freshest greenery there is only Hiawatha Evergreens.  
When you're in charge of buying greenery in the floral industry there is really only one thing that matters: That the greenery that you are buying is fresh and green. To get quality greenery you have to rely on a quality provider. One who promises that your greens are fresh upon delivery. Headquartered in Shelton Washington Hiawatha is the world's largest supplier of fresh cut western greens.

Address:     PO Box 1227 Shelton, WA 98584
Email:    sales@hiawathacorp.com     Contact:  
Phone:    360-426-4562   FAX:  360.426.9987