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Organic Control Incorporated, or Orcon, offers a complete line of beneficial insects to the home gardener. Because we know that every garden pest has a natural enemy, we wanted to provide the alternatives people need to control pests without having to use things that are not good for us, our kids, or the earth. We also offer soil amendments -- because to have strong healthy plants it is important to have healthy soil -- and natural animal repellents because four-legged pests can be just as destructive. At Orcon, our goal is to provide all the tools a gardener needs to have a beautiful and healthy garden that is a safe place for our kids and pets. We want to work with Mother Nature.


Orcon’s beneficial insects.  
For 35 years, we’ve been providing gardeners with effective and earth-friendly solutions to protect against pests that can damage plants. Orcon’s beneficial insects — ladybugs, green lacewings, praying mantids, beneficial nematodes and others — defend gardens from “bad bugs” such as aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs and mites.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our product line to include additional natural solutions for gardeners, including repellents to protect against four-legged pests like deer and rabbits, soil amendments, and mason bees to help improve blooms and increase the yield on fruits, nuts and vegetables.

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