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Bayer Advanced -- Lawn, Garden, Home Care products


Bayer Advanced lawn and garden products take the guesswork out of application and give you ways to effectively protect and nurture your lawn, garden and home with less effort. Our one-step solutions make it easy to feed and protect lawns, trees, shrubs, roses and flowers through every season and every stage of development.


Who makes Bayer Advanced™?

For more than 50 years, professionals have relied on the Bayer Corporation for innovation in pest control and turf management. Today, Bayer continues to earn global recognition, developing proprietary technologies and investing hundreds of millions of dollars in research to create the most innovative products for you. With Bayer Advanced, many of Bayer's proprietary chemistries are now available for residential use, providing you with high-performance solutions for beautifying and protecting your yard and home. Traditions of innovative thinking and category-leading research power each Bayer Advanced solution, delivering fast action and long-lasting results - with less effort.

Bayer Advanced products are created by Bayer Environmental Science, a business unit of Bayer CropScience LP based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. All Bayer Advanced products carry a money-back guarantee. You can learn more about caring for your lawn and garden on this website or by calling 1-877-BAYERAG.

What makes Bayer Advanced different?

Simply put, Bayer Advanced products are easy for you to use and highly effective each and every time you use them. It is estimated that more than 40 percent of shoppers walk away from lawn and garden aisles empty-handed and confused. No more! Bayer Advanced eliminates this confusion with convenient measuring features and easy-to-read instructions … with beautiful results!

What does Bayer Advanced bring to the lawn and garden industry?

Bayer Advanced wants to solve an important problem facing people who enjoy taking care of their home, lawn and garden. Although gardening is America’s No. 1 leisure activity, many lawn and garden products are riddled with complex instructions. Bayer Advanced makes it easier for you to enjoy one of your favorite pastimes with simple instructions and effective products that help create fantastic results.

What can Bayer Advanced do for you?

Not only can you count on Bayer Advanced for the easiest, most convenient and most effective way to care for your lawn, home and garden, but we have designed this website with you in mind and hope you will continue to visit us. Whether you are looking for the latest lawn and garden trends and tips, have a gardening question you need answered, or are looking for people to talk with who enjoy gardening as much as you, bayeradvanced.com is your ultimate resource. If you haven’t already, take a few moments to check out all that bayeradvanced.com has to offer. You’ll be glad you did!