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Plant Stand -- Down Under

Protect Deck, Floors, & Carpets

The Down Under Plant Stand® is a sturdy, invisible plant stand that eliminates the floor and deck staining problems associated with potted plants. Perfect for indoors or out, the Down Under Plant Stand can be quickly customized to fit any size pot and supports pots up to 500 lbs.

Our unique design carefully “lifts” pots and allows air to circulate beneath any size potted plant, evaporating any moisture that builds up from condensation or overfilling the tray. Virtually invisible, the Down Under Plant Stand eliminates damage to carpets, wooden floors, decks, and patios and prevents rot as well as dirt and insect build-up under outdoor surfaces.

The Down Under Plant Caddie allows you to move pots up to 500 lbs with ease on five high-quality, durable nylon and steel wheel casters. One locking caster helps keep the caddie securely in place.



The Down Under Plant Turner is a Lazy Susan for potted plants. The Plant Turner allows you to easily turn potted plants without lifting the pot, promoting healthier plants with 360 degree sun exposure. The top half is a rotating saucer that will support up to 250 lbs. in a 12 inch saucer. The bottom half is a plant stand to protect flooring from water damage.


Pot ToesPot Toes like Pot Feet but cuter.

  • Pot Toes lifts pots to promote air flow to eliminate the staining problems that potted plants cause to decks and patios.
  • Pot Toes can be used to lift wooden barrels, square pots and any size and shape planter you have.
  • Pot Toes also stack so they can be used to level pots on sloping exterior surfaces


Spray N’ Sealâ„¢ maintains the natural beauty of pots and planters longer. Spray N’ Seal seals and strengthens terra cotta and concrete pots, protects against chipping and cold-weather flaking, and helps prevent mold and mildew growth on planters.

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Invented by Bob Gillingham, a Washington-state native who spent eighteen years living abroad in Scotland and New Zealand, Gillingham first got the idea for the Down Under Plant Stand in 1992 when he was the owner of a carpet cleaning business in New Zealand. “Time and time again I’d see beautiful rugs and hardwood floors damaged by potted plants that had been sitting directly on a floor surface,” explains Gillingham. “I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t something that lifted potted plants just enough to protect the floors beneath them. So I invented one!” A graduate of Highline Community College, Gillingham, gave his new invention the name “The Down Under Plant Stand” in honor of his friends in Australia and New Zealand who refer to their portion of the globe as “Down Under.” Coincidently, “down under” is exactly where his new invention fits under pots. The new device took the Kiwi Land by storm and became an overnight success and soon, distribution spread to Australia. But home is where the heart is, and after so much time abroad, Gillingham decided to return to the Emerald City to spend more time with family and friends and introduce America to his ‘Down Under’ invention. Today, The Down Under Plant Stand is sold in more than 2000 outlets throughout the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. - See more at: http://plantstandinc.com/about-us/#sthash.ZVUGgu94.dpuf