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Dalen -- Landscape Fabrics, Netting

Natural Enemy Scarecrow® Great Horned Owl:
• Deters pests from yards & gardens
• Life-like, Great Horned Owl helps repel birds and pests while adding charm
• 16″ tall and hand-painted for maximum realism and effectiveness

Netting & Fencing:
• Protects fruit and berries from thieving birds and other garden pests
• Strong and durable 5/8″ polypropylene mesh with UV inhibitors
• Available in multiple sizes to fit your needs
• Protects shrubs, trees, and vegetable gardens from destructive deer.
• Provides an easy and affordable alternative to metal fencing
• Easier to install, safer to handle, and more economical than metal chicken wire
• Long-lasting fence is ideal for protecting vegetable gardens

Products: Landscape Fabrics; Netting & Fencing; Scarecrow Devices; Growing Aids; Tree & Outdoor Plant Care; Frost Protection & Covers; Edging & Borders.

As a meticulously cultivated garden grows, so has Dalen Products, Inc. And not unlike the founding of so many other businesses, our organization was founded on a dream and the passionate pursuit of making life better.

When Neal Caldwell, a mechanical engineer by trade, and his wife, Alice, built their Williamsburg-reproduction home in Knoxville, TN, they started with a vision, their sleeves rolled up and a lot of moxy. Through trial and error, Neal put his training to the test and developed several products to help establish his yard and garden on land that so many others had written off. The marriage of his professional talents, his passion for gardening and the inspiration to make his family’s house a “home” resulted in the birth of Dalen Products, Inc. Over 35 years later, Dalen proudly manufactures and markets Neal’s first patented product, the Gardeneer by Dalen Tomato Tray™, as well as over 75 other products.

Throughout its history with its retail and catalog partners, Dalen has dedicated itself to helping gardeners improve their lifestyle through unique, highly innovative, and quality products. As an organization with a serious commitment to non-negotiable principles and values that guide major decisions and govern workplace behaviors day by day, Dalen firmly holds true to honest business practices, a respect for its local community and a philosophy of consumer-driven innovation and marketing. With these principles at heart, Dalen is passionate about building an excellent organization, and providing all gardeners and customers with excellent products and services. Serving and caring for its employees also includes creating a positive working environment, and investing heavily in the lives and careers of its people. Dalen is also a major contributor in the community in which it resides, giving back no less than 10% of its annual profit to community efforts.

Much like a well-tended yard or garden, Dalen’s foundation, vitality, prosperity have been dependent on careful and persistent cultivation. Remaining true to the values and principles that brought this company to where it is today is not only part of our rich heritage, but also our roadmap for success in the years to come!