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WaterRounds -- Planting Rings

• Ideal for trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and herbs.
• Maximizes water usage by channeling water to the deep root zone.
• Promotes larger, healthier plants and root systems.
• Saves water by eliminating wasteful water runoff
• Prevents hillside erosion.
• Can be installed with bubbler or drip irrigation systems
• Limits invasive weed growth
• Easy to install; Totally reusable

Beautify your garden with the perfect round border.  
Planting Rings produce larger, healthier shrubs, trees and vegetables because water is funneled to the Deep Root Zone. Vegetables grow up, without falling over. Independent tests show that vegetables planted with a VegSTABLE yield 30% more growth than planting with dirt berms. Deep root watering creates healthier root systems while using less water. Eliminate the need for stakes or ties. Your cages will NOT fall over.

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