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Eleanor's VF-11 Plant Food

Eleanor’s VF-11 Plant Food was developed by a renowned German botanist & chemist, who spent years perfecting the formula that we bottle today. He understood the biological and chemical mechanisms, by which, organisms absorb all vital nutrients. With this understanding, he was able to formulate a ground breaking plant food that, to this day, is unrivaled. By providing key elements for facilitated absorption, while simultaneously, minimizing ion antagonism, Eleanor’s VF-11 works in concert with nature. All of our products utilize this formula; providing the necessary macro and microminerals for long-term, sustainable growth. Our mission is to return our soil to its organic roots.

Working in concert with nature…  
We use VF11 on all of our maintenance projects. We have used all types of fertilizer in the past, but VF11 is a product that works on all types of plants and turf. We never have to worry about VF11 burning plants or turf from over application and it is also an environmentally friendly product. After our first application of VF11, we could see immediate results in the health and appearance of the plants and turf. Douglas Landscape Construction, Inc strongly recommends VF11 for all fertilization needs in your yard.

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