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Malibu Compost

Malibu Compost
is the only “biodynamic” commercial compost product on the market. It was given the Malibu name because of Ritchie’s fondness for the place and also because his very first customers for the product back in 2009 were in Malibu. The manure used to make the compost comes primarily from one farm near Modesto and another in Oregon — both homes to many happy dairy cows.

At Malibu Compost, we like simple. Surfing. Cows. Friends. Family. Simple basic stuff. Old School. Using Bu’s Blend Biodynamic Compost, Bu's Brew, Bu's Buds, or Bu's Best Biodynamic Compost Teas, and Baby Bu's Potting Soil is really simple. All our products can be used to plant fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, grasses, roses, trees, lawn and herbs. We also like easy. You know work smarter, not harder. Let's start with the basics.

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