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KenCor Outdoors -- Nutri-Plot

* Nutri-Plot by KenCor Outdoors provides Sportsmen a Powerful Wildlife Attractant and Food Plot Fertilizer Combination.
* The combination of the attractant and nutritional fertilizer helps hunters save time and money.
* Nutri-Plot can be used in conjunction with other biologic nutrient products or can be used as replacement.

* Nutri-Plot delivers a cost effective solution for hunters looking to attract more wildlife into food plots while also increasing nutrients in plots to sustain healthier wildlife.
* Nutri-Plot was initially designed off a whitetail supplement, but has since then been reported to work not only on deer but other wildlife species as well.
* Nutri-Plot is endorsed by hunters and food plot consultants across the U.S. for the effectiveness in improving plots and increasing wildlife traffic in treated locations.

KenCor Outdoors LLC provides innovative food plot product lines for food plot enthusiast. Nutri-Plot Attractant Fertilizer helps to grow fuller plots quicker while increasing wildlife traffic. Explode Fertilizer helps to keep wildlife out of food plots saving farmers money in crop in damage. Nutri-Garden helps to speed plant growth in gardens and flowerbeds. KenCor Outdoors Products are Made in U.S. A.

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