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Biodiversity -- organic products

The Diatomic Formula is the synergy you get when you blend all our products and apply us to your beloved landscapes and plants! You will be thoroughly impressed with the results the Diatomic Formula posts as an all-in-one biological solution when you water. The Diatomic Formula will enhance any NPK nutrient boosting program you are running, creating supernatural results! Reap the benefits of Biodiversity:

✓ Luscious crop biomass
✓ Vigorous growth
✓ Healthy soil creates healthy groundwater
✓ Less disease and pest problems
✓ Big cuts to water, fungicides, energy and other costly expenses
✓ A carbon friendly footprint
✓ Increased savings

all natural organic products.  
At Biodiversity, we put our environmentally conscious awareness into action with a truly remarkable, all natural, organic product and service line. Marrying ancient philosophy with modern practicality, our fertilizers, amendments and soils are formulated to provide our customers with organic, earth friendly products that warrant unprecedented results.

Biodiversity has always believed, and supports the concept that using sustainable agricultural practices is the key to our survival on this planet. The implementation and education of cutting-edge “earth friendly” methods will create more biomass (GROW), save in resources (SAVE), while constantly building and replenishing a healthy eco-system (PROTECT). Biodiversity GSP meets these challenge through its products and services.

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