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EcoClear Products, Inc. is dedicated to producing effective products that are safe for People, Pets and Wildlife.” We require rigorous testing and results that are no less then 100% effective and 100% safe for your family and your wildlife.
• 100% Non-Toxic to People, Pets and Wildlife
• 100% Deadly to Rats and Mice
• No Secondary Kill
• Formulated for Indoor and Outdoor use
• No Bait Box needed
• Can be used as a Bait Box Refill to keep bait dry.
• Kills Rats and Mice in 3-5 days
• No Special requirements for transport, handling, storage or disposal
• No Risk of contamination to crops or food
• No Environmental Pollution
• Fully Biodegradable

Dedicated to producing effective products that are safe for People, Pets and Wildlife.  
100% SAFE & EFFECTIVE --- EcoClear Products, Inc. was founded in Sarasota, FL in the Fall of 2013 by Christopher Stidd, a businessman involved in the Pet Industry for almost 10 years. Over his career Christopher noticed that there was a lack of effective pesticide products on the shelves that were safe for your pets, family and wildlife. In 2011, Christopher and his family lost a part of their lives when their family pet “Pretty Girl”, ingested a powerful toxic rodenticide and lost her life. “Every day I think of the tears running down my kid’s faces when they found Pretty Girl.”

Ever since that day in 2011, Christopher has been working with some of the top chemists in the United States to market products that are safe for your family, pets and wildlife. Including no risk of secondary kill for birds of prey or wildlife. The Chemists on the EcoClear Products, Inc. team have 4 Presidential Awards for “Green” Chemistry. They also have a vast experience in Pesticides, Rodenticides, Detergents, Automotive, Food Supply and much more. EcoClear Products, Inc. now has 3 separate sales divisions led by Christopher Stidd. The Retail Product Branding/Manufacturing Division, Private Label Division and Pest Control Operator Wholesale/Manufacturing Division.

Address:     4975 City Hall Blvd, Suite 7474 North Port, FL 34290
Email:    sales@ecoclearproducts.com     Contact:  
Phone:    (941) 423-7202   FAX:  (941) 866-7683