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BIO S.I. Technology -- organic soil inoculants’ products

Bio S.I. products will help you whether you’re:
* Growing grass for your lawn or growing a vegetable garden
* Running a full-scale agricultural operation
* Rebuilding your soil by converting organic matter to humus
* Remediating a stagnant pond
* Growing food plots for wildlife
* Maintaining an effective septic system
* Keeping your livestock healthier
* Improving the environment after a hydrocarbon spill
* Maintaining the greens and fairways of a 36 hole golf course

All-natural,environmentally safe microbial products used in sustainable agriculture.  
Bio S.I. Technology's organic soil inoculants' products help to rebuild your soil naturally, making it more vigorous, more productive and able to more efficiently absorb water into the rhizosphere. Bio S.I. products help restore the carbon fraction of the soil by digesting plant and animal debris into humus, as well as through their own life cycles. Bio S.I products renew the soil life by breaking up residues that impede natural growth of soil life.

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